As I wrote about it before, Duchamp is one my favorite artist. his work inspired me to write a blog about it before, you can read that here. Now I found out the Royal Academy of Arts will display his work.
The Royal Academy of Arts is scheduled to exhibit Dalí / Duchamp, which features Marcel Duchamp. The exhibition opens on October 7. Associated with the Dada, Surrealist, Cubist, and Futurist movements, Marcel Duchamp radically subverted conventional practices of artmaking and display, challenging such weighty notions as the hand of the artist and the sanctity of the art object. Duchamp’s depiction of dynamic Cubist forms in Nude Descending a Staircase No. 2 (1912) established him as a leading member of the international avant-garde. In 1913 Duchamp created Bicycle Wheel, which is considered the first of his famous readymades—minimally altered objects that are elevated to the status of art simply through the designation of the artist. Particularly in his readymades, Duchamp placed unprecedented emphasis on the artistic concept as paramount over craftsmanship or aesthetics, a guiding principle that has proved hugely influential to 20th-century artistic practice.
Stop by and check this once in a lifetime kind of show if you can. I will.
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