My work in Action

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1 thought on “My work in Action”

  1. Dear Yadesa,

    Im a fan of your work and philosophy and would love to invite you and your family to the Blue Nile Children’s Organization annual dinner and auction. This is a Seattle grass roots non profit organization pioneered and directed by Selam Kifle. Blue Nile Children’s Organization cares for Ethiopian orphans in Ethiopia through a sponsorship foster program and impoverished patients at the Richard Oslund medical center that we built in Kolfe Kerano. Please consider donating something to our auction or showing your work as an exhibition. Thank you for your consideration and please feel free to call to discuss any questions.

    Sincerely and many thanks,

    BNCO Volunteer and Board Member
    Please advise an email address if you would like to see the flyer and procurement form.

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