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According to Ethiopias new state of emergency declaration, the government command post have declared the following as a crime.

1. Discussing anti-government political views publicly or privately 

2. Writing, printing, and distributing political fliers and opinions

3. Live performances (The spokesperson said live performances, no further explanation given)

4. Signage or showing body signs in public. 

5. The government have all right to close any media outlets with out court order

6. The government have all right to cancel or stop meetings and public demonstrations 

7. Organizing groups or forming groups are prohibited

8. Government have a right to arrest any one without court order or due process

9. The government have a right to interrogate, investigate without court order or due process.

10. The government also have a right to prosecute anyone that it considers guilty

11. No search warrant is needed to search any house, offices, vehicles or businesses

12. The government have a right to stop and frisk anyone.

13. The command post have a right to set curfew whenever it believes necessary.

14. Anyone one who fail to cooperate will be considered guilty and will be sentenced to five year in prison.

15. Any violation of the above law will get you three year in prison.