Well they said you can be inspired by pretty much anything depending on your passion. I am artist so I look for things to see how their existence adds to the ever evolving world of today. One find the collection of pieces of paper annoying or even child like where the other admire it as collage art. the thing is both of them are correct in their own right because the translation is what we brought to the piece.

This morning, I was passing by a construction site fence and there was a green flannel type fabric that wrapped around the fence. In the fabric, there is a dirt mark (it seems to me a fabric was rolled when the dirt come in contact). I stopped in front of the fence with awe and enjoyed  the aesthetics. ( it has Marcel Duchamp
“Nude descending down the staircase” quality) I loved the continuation of same figure and the change in detail gradually. See if you feel like I did.

So…I am inspired by accidental art.