I am not a worshipper of leaders or a person. I think a good leader will lead the way but without constructive dialogue and group work no amount of charm or knowledge moves a needle. One of the reason why blanket support to anyone person or leader is wrong, is simply because it lacks a room for criticism and it send a wrong message to leaders to enable them to lose focus while sitting in a driver seat. That said, my support to the new Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, is not a support based on who he is, where he is coming from or what party or ideology he follow. It is simply because his unflinching stand to open the door for democracy in Ethiopia garners my respect. I simply want to say that his leadership in this short time showed there is a new type of leadership in Ethiopia. A leadership that did not exist for more than a century. He asked as to be added to the new vision and I added myself too. May God lead the way and righteousness overtake the darkest path we traveled.